Monday, November 5, 2007

Camp Gallagher 2010

GALLAGHER (Grades 9-12)

If you think you are too old for camp you have never been to Gallagher. Located on the shores of the beautiful South Puget Sound the Gallagher experience is designed specifically for people in high school. This includes choosing many of the activities throughout the day and making decisions about wake up, bed, and meal times as a community. The small size of the camp helps to create a strong community wherein new friendships are made, existing relationships become stronger and everyone can share in a unique experience of faith, teamwork and support. So come join us this summer – the sunset must be seen to be believed!

BEYOND GALLAGHER ('10 high school graduates)

Make your transition beyond high school at Gallagher this summer. Take time to relax, reflect, build community, and explore your faith as you begin your path into adulthood.


Feel free to be yourself 100% of the time. Coed camp is a whole lot of fun, however the all-girls session takes it to a whole new dimension.

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