Monday, November 5, 2007

Overnight at Don Bosco 2010

At Camp Don Bosco, campers will make new friends, grow closer to God, gain self esteem, and most of all, have FUN! The natural setting of Don Bosco includes hiking trails, playing fields, swimming pool, archery range, craft shop, outdoor chapel, challenge course, and more! If this is your first or fifth time at camp, our highly trained staff will help you feel right at home.


Campler (Grades 3-7)
Experience all the traditional camp activities such as archery, swimming, challenge course and horses in this five day “Camp Sampler.” This is a great way for campers to try a little bit of everything camp has to offer.

Splash (Grades 3-7)
Don Bosco’s traditional camping experience. Campers who choose “Splash” can look forward to days full of fun: exploring the woods, hiking new trails, swimming, meeting new friends, archery, sleeping under a shelter put up by the group on an overnight, cooking out, singing around the campfire, growing in faith and much more!

Outdoor Living Skills (Grades 3-7)
Spend a few hours each day increasing your outdoor skills and gaining a new appreciation for God’s creation. Learn the art of making a perfect campfire, build a shelter, learn how to tie knots, and prepare food over the campfire!
This program prepares participants for Tatonka, CYO’s outdoor program at Camp Hamilton.

Trail Scouts (Grades 3-7)
Saddle up! This program is devoted to safe and responsible methods of riding and caring for horses. Spend two hours a day learning the basics of horse instruction: mounting and dismounting, walking, trotting, riding in the arena and on the trails. With our excellent staff to camper ratio, TrailScouts is perfect for beginning or intermediate riders.
Boots with a ¾ - inch heel and smooth sole required.

Focus on Crafts (Grades 5-7)
Can’t get enough crafts? Spend two hours a day at the craft shop working on specialty craft projects. Spend the rest of the day enjoying traditional camp activities.

Culinary Camp (Grades 5-7)
You will get hands on experience learning kitchen safety, creating and cooking healthy meals, and making your own recipe book to take home! Be sure to sign up early for this one!

Mini-Camp (Grades 1-2)
All the fun in half the time! This is a great introduction to traditional resident camping. You’ll spend time with your cabin making friends, exploring the trails, swimming, roasting marshmallows, and lots more!

Volleyball (Grades 5-8)
Passing, setting and spiking are just a few of the skills you will practice and improve at volleyball camp. You'll spend half of your day at a local school gymnasium in Carnation scrimmaging and working on your skills, then enjoy the rest of your day at camp participating in all the traditional camp activities.

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