Monday, November 5, 2007

Rates, Discounts, and Financial Aid

Three Tiered Pricing Structure
CYO’s goal has always been to provide an unparalleled experience and one where money is never a reason that a child cannot attend camp. Our pricing structure allows us to continue to provide this type of experience to as many people as possible while giving families the chance to support CYO Summer Camp at a level at which they are comfortable. Please take a moment to review the options below and decide which one is right for you. This program is voluntary, confidential, and will not in any way affect your child’s experience at camp.

Tier One: This is our traditional subsidized camp fee. This fee does not reflect the actual cost operating a CYO Summer Camp.

Tier Two: This is a slightly higher, partially subsidized fee. This is for families
who can afford to pay a little more, but cannot afford the actual cost of CYO Summer Camp.

Tier Three: This is our highest fee and more accurately reflects the actual cost of operating a CYO Summer Camp including staffing, maintenance, and program supply costs.

Financial Aid
CYO is committed to making it possible for every young person to attend camp. To support that commitment CYO has established a Campership Fund to offer aid to families who could not otherwise afford to send a child to camp. All families are encouraged to apply if help is needed. Varying amounts of aid are offered depending on need. The maximum scholarship available is $300 per camper with the remaining balance being the responsibility of the family. If requesting financial aid, be sure to complete that section on the registration form. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required.

Multi-Child Families
Applies to siblings or children who share a common guardian. This offer does not apply to families receiving financial aid from CYO.

1st child: Full price
2nd child: 5% off
3rd child: 10% off
4th child: 20% off
5th child: 40% off
6th child: 80% off

Multi-Session Discount
Applies to campers who attend more than one session. This offer does not apply to families receiving financial aid from CYO.

1st session: Full price
2nd session: 15% off

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