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Registration, scholarship, transportation, payment, and general camp questions
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Environmental Education
Sarah Humlie 206.382.4882

Camp Don Bosco or Day Camp
Jamie Fredrickson at 206.274.3186

Camp Hamilton or Nanamakee Expeditions
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Camp Gallagher
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Friday, November 9, 2007


Come spend the spring or summer at one of CYO’s three beautiful Western Washington Camps. Leadership, problem solving, and teambuilding are just a few of the skills you will develop while living and working in a vibrant Catholic Faith Community. This is an experience unmatched by any other.

There is a magic about acamp experience that defies definition. Regardless of your eventual life work, the dynamics of this very personal relationship to children and peers in a beautiful, natural setting will have tremendous value for you always.

Our staff is carefully selected and trained to guide campers through an amazing camp experience. Spend the spring or summer learning and growing personally, professionally and spiritually. And of course, have fun in an incredible outdoor setting. CYO Camp is a wonderful experience that will change your life and the lives of those you serve.

Spring: Teacher Naturalists, Cooks, Challenge Specialists
Summer: Cabin Leaders, Lodge Leaders, EMTs, LPNs, and RNs, Cooks, Wranglers, Lifeguards, Challenge Specialists and more!
archery specialists
nature specialists and more!

Download the forms, submit them to or CYO 710 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104 and we'll contact you for an interview.

Spring Environmental Education
Information out tomorrow!
Environmental Education Application
Reference Form (please fill out 3)

Summer Staff
New Staff Application
Reference Form (please fill out 2)

Returning Staff Application

These are just a few of the benefits to working at camp:
Nine weeks of room and board
Work with children in an outdoor setting
Be part of a supportive, fun, caring catholic community
Opportunity to gain the kind of resume building skills employers look for - team work, creativity, communication skills, teaching and leadership skills
Prepare yourself for some of life's challenges - how to budget time and money, parenting, adapting to many different personality types, and knowing that many lives that you are impacting
Growth in your personal faith journey
Meet new people and form lasting friendships
Have the best time of your life

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Nanamakee 2010

Nanamakee Expeditions open the door to some of the Northwest’s most spectacular natural beauty. Lasting friendships, adventures, and a stronger connection to God await you. All trips are led by trained and experienced leaders. While tripping experience isn’t necessary, participants must be in good physical condition and prepared for some strenuous activity.


NORTH CASCADES BACKPACKING, June 20-July 5 (Grades 6-9)
Quick friendships form as you leave civilization behind and enter God’s country. Put your camping skills to the test as you hike to and camp at an alpine lake

ROCK CLIMBING EXPEDITION, July 12-16 (Grades 6-9)
Reach new heights in this adrenaline pumping adventure. Start off on our rock wall and learn basic climbing techniques with our knowledgeable staff. Next, move onto real rock with the help of expert guides. Wrap up the trip with a day hike up a local peak.

GEOCACHING, July 12-16 (Grades 9-12)
Spend the week on a high tech treasure hunt. We’ll use GPS units to join in the fun of this new outdoor adventure.

Come join us for a spectacular backpacking adventure in the North Cascades. We’ll see unforgettable sights, wildlife, and great views of mountain valleys. You’ll spend one day rafting the Skagit River. Participants should be in good physical condition and able to travel 6-9 miles a day carrying a 35-40 lb pack.

KAYAK PUGET SOUND, August 2-10 (Grades 9-12)
Paddle the stunning south Puget Sound in kayaks. Follow the tides through the sound while learning basic camping and water skills. Intermediate swimming ability is required for all water trips (swim 100 yards, tread water for one minute).

EXTREME ADVENTURE, August 2-10 (Grades 6-9)
Heart pounding adventures await you as you rock climb, challenge yourself on our vertical playpen, and new high ropes course. Leave camp for a night of camping and rafting to finish the trip.

SAN JUAN BIKE, August 13-21 (Grades 9-12)
Explore the hidden beauty of the San Juan Islands. Ride through seaside towns and historic fishing villages as you discover the magic of these islands from the seat of a bicycle. We’ll ferry between islands to find beautiful sites seldom seen from speeding cars. This is a beginning-to-intermediate level ride with plenty of time to explore.

MAD LAKE HORSE SADDLE PACK TRIP, August 13-21 (Grades 9-12)
Starting out with a day of trail riding at camp, then we’re off to the high mountain meadows for four days on horseback. Ride 8-12 miles a day, stopping to swim and relax while enjoying the scenery. Our host is Icicle Outfitters with great food, gentle horses, beautiful lakes, and flower-filled meadows.

HIGH SCHOOL HORSE CAMP, July 6-10 (Grades 9-12)
2 or more years experience (intermediate horse skills)
Horse camp doesn’t end at 9th grade anymore. Come back to Hamilton to this unique experience of community, friendship and horses. Spend the majority of your day riding and learning advanced horse care. At night we’ll have our own camper led campfire under the stars at spirit wood.

Camp Gallagher 2010

GALLAGHER (Grades 9-12)

If you think you are too old for camp you have never been to Gallagher. Located on the shores of the beautiful South Puget Sound the Gallagher experience is designed specifically for people in high school. This includes choosing many of the activities throughout the day and making decisions about wake up, bed, and meal times as a community. The small size of the camp helps to create a strong community wherein new friendships are made, existing relationships become stronger and everyone can share in a unique experience of faith, teamwork and support. So come join us this summer – the sunset must be seen to be believed!

BEYOND GALLAGHER ('10 high school graduates)

Make your transition beyond high school at Gallagher this summer. Take time to relax, reflect, build community, and explore your faith as you begin your path into adulthood.


Feel free to be yourself 100% of the time. Coed camp is a whole lot of fun, however the all-girls session takes it to a whole new dimension.

Overnight at Don Bosco 2010

At Camp Don Bosco, campers will make new friends, grow closer to God, gain self esteem, and most of all, have FUN! The natural setting of Don Bosco includes hiking trails, playing fields, swimming pool, archery range, craft shop, outdoor chapel, challenge course, and more! If this is your first or fifth time at camp, our highly trained staff will help you feel right at home.


Campler (Grades 3-7)
Experience all the traditional camp activities such as archery, swimming, challenge course and horses in this five day “Camp Sampler.” This is a great way for campers to try a little bit of everything camp has to offer.

Splash (Grades 3-7)
Don Bosco’s traditional camping experience. Campers who choose “Splash” can look forward to days full of fun: exploring the woods, hiking new trails, swimming, meeting new friends, archery, sleeping under a shelter put up by the group on an overnight, cooking out, singing around the campfire, growing in faith and much more!

Outdoor Living Skills (Grades 3-7)
Spend a few hours each day increasing your outdoor skills and gaining a new appreciation for God’s creation. Learn the art of making a perfect campfire, build a shelter, learn how to tie knots, and prepare food over the campfire!
This program prepares participants for Tatonka, CYO’s outdoor program at Camp Hamilton.

Trail Scouts (Grades 3-7)
Saddle up! This program is devoted to safe and responsible methods of riding and caring for horses. Spend two hours a day learning the basics of horse instruction: mounting and dismounting, walking, trotting, riding in the arena and on the trails. With our excellent staff to camper ratio, TrailScouts is perfect for beginning or intermediate riders.
Boots with a ¾ - inch heel and smooth sole required.

Focus on Crafts (Grades 5-7)
Can’t get enough crafts? Spend two hours a day at the craft shop working on specialty craft projects. Spend the rest of the day enjoying traditional camp activities.

Culinary Camp (Grades 5-7)
You will get hands on experience learning kitchen safety, creating and cooking healthy meals, and making your own recipe book to take home! Be sure to sign up early for this one!

Mini-Camp (Grades 1-2)
All the fun in half the time! This is a great introduction to traditional resident camping. You’ll spend time with your cabin making friends, exploring the trails, swimming, roasting marshmallows, and lots more!

Volleyball (Grades 5-8)
Passing, setting and spiking are just a few of the skills you will practice and improve at volleyball camp. You'll spend half of your day at a local school gymnasium in Carnation scrimmaging and working on your skills, then enjoy the rest of your day at camp participating in all the traditional camp activities.

Camp Hamilton 2010

Your journey is full of excitement at rustic Camp Hamilton. 570 acres of forests, an 80 acre lake, and countless scenic vistas help you grow closer to God. Swimming and boating on the lake, archery, hiking, climbing the wall, and experiencing our new high ropes courses, are just some of the adventures you and your cabin mates help choose. At night sing around the campfire, sleep under the stars or go on a night hike. You’ll have a week full of fun at Adventure Camp or one of Hamilton’s specialty camps.


Adventure Camp (Grades 5-9)
Adventure awaits you with an exciting twist on traditional camp activities. Gain a new appreciation of God’s creation through nature activities, camping skills and exploring camp.

Mountain Biking (Grades 6-9)
Get ready for an exciting session rushing down trails and roads on a mountain bike. Learn the basics of safe riding while enjoying some great trails. Experienced counselors challenge campers to reach individual and group goals. Campers are divided into riding groups based on skill level. Campers must bring a bike and helmet to camp.

Guitar Skills (Grades 6-9)
Have you ever wanted to play those camp songs you know and love? Bring your acoustic guitar to camp and a portion of the day will be spent learning to play the guitar or take your current skill to a new level. Campers must bring a guitar.

Photography (Grades 6-9)
Learn about light, composition, shutter speed, framing, and all the elements that go into taking great pictures. What better way to capture the beauty of nature? Campers must bring a digital camera.

Horse Camp (Grades 6-9)
Want a true horse country experience? Spend the week living in covered wagons and eating breakfast or lunch in a country-style shelter. Whether you’re brand new or an experienced rider, you’ll love Hamilton’s unique horse programs. Play games, ride obstacle courses, explore the trails on horseback, and learn the basics of horse care. Campers are assigned riding groups by skill level. Boots with ¾-inch heel and smooth sole are required for horse programs.

Appaloosa 0-2 years experience
Spend 1½ to 2 hours per day learning the basics including walking and trotting.

2 or more years experience (intermediate horse skills)
Improve your balance at a trot and lope, and learn responsible and safe trail riding. Spend 2 to 3 hours per day riding, caring for, and learning about horses.

Tatonka (Grades 6-9)
Strengthen your camping skills, cook over an open fire, hike to the top of Mt. Stohr, learn about nature and each other away from main camp on a four day expedition you won’t forget.

Tatonka 1
This legendary original trip is open to those with or without outdoor experience.

Tatonka 2
If you’ve been to Tatanka and are ready for a more challenging expedition Tatanka 2 will test your outdoor living skills.

Tatanka Survival Skills
The ten essentials are just the beginning... Learn advanced wilderness survival skills
then put them to the test in this safe and challenging week.

Day Camp 2010

Running Monday through Friday at Camp Don Bosco, day camp will offer all of the traditional

CYO activities with a new theme each week. It is open for campers going into grades 1-8, with smaller groups divided by age. It is the perfect opportunity to experience camp for the very first time or in an entirely new way! Transportation and scholarships are available.


Sights and Local Delights (gr 1-8): Enjoy the best activities Camp Don Bosco and the surrounding area has to offer! Take a swim in the pool, hike in the woods, work on a craft project and make new friends. You will also have the opportunity to explore area sights such as Snoqualmie Falls, Remlinger Farms and explore the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.

Let’s Get Crafty! (gr 1-8): Spend two hours a day in our craft shop creating your own masterpiece! This is your chance to be as creative as you want. We will paint, draw, mold, tye-dye, make candles and much much more!

Horsin’ Around (gr 1-8): Become a cowboy or cowgirl this week! We will spend time down at the corral with our highly trained staff, learning about horses, sharpening our skills and even going on a trail ride. Take a trip back to the Wild West with an authentic cowboy cookout over the campfire.

Let’s Make Some Music (gr 1-8): By making our own instruments, learning about music and having numerous jam sessions, you will find your own unique sound. Whether you decide to make a music video, choreograph a new dance or just learn a new song, the possibilities are endless! We will even pay a visit to Experience Music Project in Seattle to discover the secrets of some of the greatest musicians.

Gamesapalooza (gr 1-8): A week full of games and activities that focus on having fun, developing sportsmanship, and learning to be a team player. You’ll enjoy new games ranging from tag to Ultimate Frisbee.

Photo Camp (gr 1-8): Learn about the art of digital photography! Light, composition and subject matter are just some of the skills you will learn this week! What a great way to capture the beauty of God’s creation!

Wildlife Wonder (gr 1-8): What is your favorite animal? This might be the week to decide! We will meet several different types of animals during our visit to the Woodland Park Zoo, where we will stay the night and have a pizza party. Also become an expert animal tracker as we discover the wildlife that lives all around us.

All the Camp’s a Stage (gr 1-8): This is your chance to shine! Get in touch with your artistic side this week, perhaps by working on some new acting skills, painting a mural or even sculpting a masterpiece. We will even get a special visit from the Seattle Children’s Theater, who will give us the inside scoop on becoming a star.

Outdoor Adventure (gr 1-8): End the summer by enjoying every second of sunshine. We will go hiking, swimming, canoeing, and exploring everything we can in a week! This is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your outdoor skills, as you learn how to make a fire, build a fort and identify the local plants.

High Adventure (gr 1-8): Are you ready for high and low adventures? This week we will take full advantage of Camp Hamilton’s new high challenge course and their climbing wall! We’ll also go hiking, swimming, and canoeing! We’ll round out our week with an overnight at camp!

Rates, Discounts, and Financial Aid

Three Tiered Pricing Structure
CYO’s goal has always been to provide an unparalleled experience and one where money is never a reason that a child cannot attend camp. Our pricing structure allows us to continue to provide this type of experience to as many people as possible while giving families the chance to support CYO Summer Camp at a level at which they are comfortable. Please take a moment to review the options below and decide which one is right for you. This program is voluntary, confidential, and will not in any way affect your child’s experience at camp.

Tier One: This is our traditional subsidized camp fee. This fee does not reflect the actual cost operating a CYO Summer Camp.

Tier Two: This is a slightly higher, partially subsidized fee. This is for families
who can afford to pay a little more, but cannot afford the actual cost of CYO Summer Camp.

Tier Three: This is our highest fee and more accurately reflects the actual cost of operating a CYO Summer Camp including staffing, maintenance, and program supply costs.

Financial Aid
CYO is committed to making it possible for every young person to attend camp. To support that commitment CYO has established a Campership Fund to offer aid to families who could not otherwise afford to send a child to camp. All families are encouraged to apply if help is needed. Varying amounts of aid are offered depending on need. The maximum scholarship available is $300 per camper with the remaining balance being the responsibility of the family. If requesting financial aid, be sure to complete that section on the registration form. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required.

Multi-Child Families
Applies to siblings or children who share a common guardian. This offer does not apply to families receiving financial aid from CYO.

1st child: Full price
2nd child: 5% off
3rd child: 10% off
4th child: 20% off
5th child: 40% off
6th child: 80% off

Multi-Session Discount
Applies to campers who attend more than one session. This offer does not apply to families receiving financial aid from CYO.

1st session: Full price
2nd session: 15% off

Summer Camp Information 2010

At CYO summer camp each day becomes an adventure and each adventure is part of a larger journey. From young child to young adult, CYO has had a lasting impact on the personal, social and spiritual growth of thousands of people for over fifty years. Join us for the journey this summer!

“The best thing CYO does is to allow kids to simply enjoy life without all the outside problems society brings to the world. CYO gives children the opportunity to explore their faith, make new friends, and to find and strengthen their own individual gifts in a nurturing and safe environment.”

“When she got off the bus, she burst into tears because it was over. She said she had 'been herself' at camp and 'everyone loved me.' It just doesn't get much better than that.”

“I think spirituality is a vital part of the CYO camp experience, so I was glad that my daughter mentioned talks with counselors, Mass, and prayer time as things she enjoyed while at camp!!”

“Our son has always had a very strong understanding of his faith and spirituality, but it was good for him to find a place where it was acceptable to share his faith. Gallagher is a place where 'it's cool to believe in God.'”

The American Camp Association (ACA) has more than 300 standards by which they measure camp excellence. CYO camps consistently pass onsite accreditation visits by the ACA and we meet or exceed standards in all areas: health and safety, program quality, transportation, food service, site management and qualifications of staff.

Camp Registration

Summer 2010

Registration for Summer Camp 2010 will begin at the beginning of January. Check out the dates for 2010 and the new programs on the Camp Information tab and keep checking back here for the most up-to-date information regarding the opening day of registration.

Registration Form coming soon!

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Environmental Education

Now hiring Teacher/Naturalists for E.E. camp

The Catholic Youth Organization provides a residential outdoor environmental education experience for elementary students through the use of hands-on, exploratory, investigative, and interdisciplinary teaching methods at Camp Hamilton, a 570 acre site in Monroe, WA.

Program Goals
Explore and learn about their relationship with the natural environment.

Increase their understanding of ecological concepts.
Gain a deeper sense of community with, and responsibility for, the earth and its inhabitants.
Participate in cooperative group living, problem-solving, and decision-making tasks while respecting the diversity each group brings.
Experience and develop personal and spiritual growth.
Share the wonders of, and celebrate God’s creation.

Academic Focus
Students spend a large portion of time each day in Exploration Groups out in the field studying the ecology of the natural communities at camp. An investigative approach to learning is used to teach the interconnectedness of people and the natural world. The curriculum is consistent with the Framework for Environmental Education Guidelines produced by the Washington State Office for Environmental Education.

Each field study is organized by a community: Forest, Wetland, Wildlife, and Human

Forest Community
During the Forest Community field study, students get to explore the incredible diversity of the Pacific Northwest forest ecosystem. Through active exploration and hiking, group discussions and challenges, games and reflection, students will gain a deeper understanding of how plants, animals, and humans interconnect in this community. Students will develop an awareness of the patterns and designs, structures and functions as well as the beauty inherent in a forest community. They will gain knowledge about life cycles and interrelationships and forest conservation strategies.

Wetlands Community
The Wetlands Community field study allows students the opportunity to perform a pond study using observation skills and scientific equipment. Students will learn that wetlands play an important role in the every day lives of humans, wildlife, and plants. Group discussion and reflection will give students the opportunity to learn the value and function of a wetland. They will have the ability to describe and define a wetland community and identify common plants associated with wetland areas.

Wildlife Community
The Wildlife Community field study cover the topics of adaptation, habitat, and limiting factors. Students will learn that in order to survive, all animals need a habitat that consists of the same basic components. They will have the opportunity to explore a variety of animal signs at Camp Hamilton which can be used as an indicator of population and environmental quality. Students will learn hands-on the adaptations which allow animals to fill a particular niche or survive in a particular habitat.

Human Community
During the Human Community study, students participate in non-competitive initiative activities that focus on communication, cohesion, diversity, and personal and environmental awareness. Initiatives encourage the students to see themselves as capable individuals. Students will learn the value of treating others with respect and dignity, utilize and appreciate rules for group behavior, the benefits of teamwork, and accept personal responsibility for maintaining and conserving the group living environment.

Life at Camp
In addition to the academic focus of the Environmental Education program, while at camp students live in an environment that promotes a sense of self-worth and confidence, as well as respect for the rights and needs of others. We schedule schools from different backgrounds together and facilitate positive interactions, generating awareness of commonalities between diverse groups of people while appreciating differences. Students leave Camp Hamilton with a heightened awareness of how their choices impact others.

The Catholic Youth Organization’s Environmental Education program teaches students that the Earth is a gift from God, and as stewards of this gift, we must work to protect and preserve it. While at camp, students will experience faith community building through prayer and reflection. Faith-based values are incorporated into all facets of our program. We seek to celebrate the wonders of God’s creation as a faith community.


Sarah Humlie
Director of Environmental Education
710 Ninth Ave.
Seattle, WA 98104

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