Friday, April 30, 2010

The Wonders of Creation

After Easter, the Gospels and readings talk at great length about how the people of Jerusalem and their leaders could not recognize Jesus for who He was. Indeed, after He had first risen, His own disciples did not even recognize Jesus until He spoke to them and revealed His identity.

Just as the disciples discovered Christ in His resurrected form, our students at Camp Hamilton learned to see God in many different ways this week. They discovered God as reflected in the beauty of the Creation surrounding them at camp. They saw God's creativity in the multitude and varieties of the plants and animals that fill our forests, the intricacies of His plan in the complexities of the relationships between the plants and animals, and how He loves and cares for His creatures by providing for all of their needs within their habitat.

Finally, they saw Christ in each other through the friendships and community formed this week at camp. We all shared our care for one another by being supportive and positive group members, sharing our prayers, cleaning up after each other, and cleaning up camp as we went along. We celebrated mass as a faith community to complete our week of Environmental Education before returning home.

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