Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Week for Science and Stewardship

Environmental Education is in full swing! We have a talented group of teacher-naturalists from across the country working hard to make every student's experience enjoyable and full of learning.

This week, we have almost 100 students from St. Joseph Chehalis, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Holy Family- Lacey, and St. Therese school tromping the trails at Camp Hamilton. Students spent their first day getting to know each other while studying macro invertebrates in our pond. Our first evening was punctuated by the boisterous songs of our campfire echoing across the lake.

Today, they are testing their teamwork and resolve on our climbing wall, learning about WAMO! in our organic garden, and canoeing under the halo of a rainbow on Lake Hannon. At choice time today, we will poise the scientific question: "Does everything really taste better dipped in chocolate?" Stay tuned to find out....

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