Thursday, November 11, 2010

CYO is working hard as a community to develop refreshed marketing ideas. Part of that is the development of a new CYO slogan that captures who we are as a community: the strength of our community, traditions, history, and programming all rooted in and building our Catholic faith. The idea to come up with a new slogan has come from many different groups at the same time and so we want everyone's input. We’re looking for a phrase that encompasses what CYO is and what it does. A brand logo or slogan that will resonate with the many audiences for our programming, such as Alumni, Parents, Youth Ministers, Teachers, Teens etc. Our goal would be to use this slogan for a couple of years, not just for 2011. We will take all of the ideas generated here and elsewhere to the marketing task-force to use as we move forward. What do you think the new slogan should be and why? We are on a timeline to get our messaging out as soon as possible, so please give us your thoughts over the next couple days as posts on our facebook wall.

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