Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Raining Again, Hallelujah!

So it just finished dumping buckets of rain on Lake Hannan and the level of the lake seems to be high and ready for some summer splashing. The Pond was a site of some exciting events caused by the high water level: Salamander eggs!! A group of students found a some goo and discovered an unborn Salamander within. The kids from St. Louise, St. Rose and St. Anthony from Portland were all excited to see the unusual sight. Although the rain continues to plague us, the warmer temperatures are welcome. The Salmonberries and Thimbleberries are starting to ripen and the Vine Maple leaves are stretching out to create the shade we’ll be grateful for in August. The camp looks so different from how it was in April and the staff loves watching the slow transition towards Summer occur.Thankfully the rain stayed away in time for Night Hikes in which the kids will learn about the inner workings of the eye and other night adaptations. SAY HEY SAHALEE!

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