Monday, December 7, 2009

Camp Gallagher 2010

Neon sunsets, soft guitar chords and overnight adventures may seem far away during these dark winter days, but at the CYO office, we have been talking a lot about the upcoming summer season. One thing we all agree upon is how special these summer days are, especially at a place like Gallagher. We want to make sure even more campers get to experience its beauty this upcoming summer season.

So as we release the summer 2010 schedule for Gallagher, you may notice some changes. We have extended a special session to graduating seniors, giving more campers one more opportunity to find ways to “Live it up, and live it out” at camp and beyond. For campers who have a busy schedule or limited funds, you can come experience a 6-day Gallagher session. For the first time in years, we are also offering an 11-day session, for even more time at this place we all love so much.

These changes may be surprising to some, but in a changing world, we feel it is important to make sure everyone has an opportunity to come to Gallagher. While Gallagher is a sacred place, where forest meets sea and tradition lives strong, it is also a spirit. It something we live out, carrying God’s love into the world and finding ways to be ourselves in a world trying to make us someone else. So as we dream of summer days, we hope this new Gallagher schedule will bring this spirit to even more campers. Any questions? Just ask! Wa-Wa-Wakikia. See you this summer!


Betty Perry said...

I have a event website that I can list the camp on for free that may help revenue if you have someone to manage the calls & rentals. Event Resources Gig
Let's meet.
Betty Perry

Betty Perry said...

Is there anyone at the camp this summer so I could come see it?