Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As the Leaves Fall...

Immaculate Conception Regional School and Assumption recently enjoyed our last session of Environmental Education for the year. Amidst a rainbow of fall colors and falling leaves, the students tramped through the forest to complete their studies of our local wetlands, wildlife, and forest ecosystem. Students were undeterred by periods of rain, and came well prepared to brave the weather. Fortunately, the rain was punctuated by bursts of sunshine and blue skies, allowing for the chance to canoe across the lake to catch a glimpse of a beaver at work or a fish leaping for its dinner.

The evenings were dry, and underneath starry skies the two schools enjoyed a fascinating night hike and laughter around the campfire. Parents and teachers drove away with the defrost units working overtime, but camp songs could be heard echoing from the students in the back seats of the vehicles! As Environmental Ed comes to a close for the winter, we look forward to an exciting spring with new students and new schools.

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