Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello from CYO!

Summer camp is right around the corner and we are getting camp ready for the hundreds of campers that will play in the pool, swim in the lake, and sail on the Puget Sound! This blog will be regularly updated with information, and resources. Our hope is to be able to communicate the most accurate information to you as quickly as possible. As you follow links through this blog you will find most or all of our programs represented and easily located.Because this is is still in the early stages of development we ask everyone to help us make this an effective tool. If you find something not working, or have suggestions for how to improve the page, please e-mail them to cyo@seattlearch.org. Although the blog is mostly up, we will have a few pages with errors and inactive links until all the content is developed.As this site develops, we hope it helps everyone find the information they need here and on the main Archdiocese website. We will move more content to this as time goes on, so be sure to use www.seattleoyyam.org as your new first stop for updated information from CYO.

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